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Lasting Beauty

Benefits of Permanent Makeup


Permanent Makeup includes Tattooed Eyeliner, Tattoed Hairstroke Eyebrows, and Tattooed Lip Color/LIner. These procedures can change your daily routines and change they way you feel about yourself.  Below is a sample of what Permanent Makeup can do.


· Accentuate your eyes with a smudge-free, waterproof eyeliner.


· Frame your face with natural-looking eyebrows.


· Define your lip line, and add fullness and color to your lips.


· Enhance lip color that complements your skin and hair tones.


· Give permanent balance to the face and features.


· Anyone who desires freedom and convenience from daily makeup application.


· Those who are physically incapable or having difficulty applying makeup.


· People with little talent to apply conventional makeup.


· People with allergies to conventional makeup.


· Burn survivors and people with flaws in their skin.


· Men and women who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features.


· Increase your confidence–wake up with makeup every morning.


· Nurses and employees who are not allowed to wear makeup while in sterile environments.


· Athletic people who now can participate in sports and say good bye to smudging, fading, and streaky makeup.


· Save time–no need spending your valuable time applying makeup.  Time is such a commodity in today’s world.


· Reduces stress – one slip of the wrist and your eyeliner is smeared. No need to stress over this issue.


· Prevents eye irritation which can occur when you accidentally touch your eye while applying eyeliner.


· Prevents consistent stretching, and subsequent drooping of skin surrounding eyes including eyelids.


· Contact wearers with permanent eyeliner do not have to worry about getting flakes of eyeliner on their contacts.


· As you age, your motor skills start to deteriorate making it more difficult to have a steady when applying your      





Have you Ever....


....seen your elderly aunt with her lipstick surrouding her mouth and you always tell yourself that you

    will never let that happen to you?  


.... Have you every been outside watching the fresh snowflakes fall and notice that your eyeliner is

     melting along with them?


....Have you ever lost your brows with a game of tennis?


....Have you ever wondered where the expression "Plane Jane" comes from?


....Have you ever wondered where the expression, "Sleeping Beauty" comes from?





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