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Lasting Beauty

Permanent Makeup  Digital Machine



Purebeau TRS 250 Digital

Noveau Contour 1000 Digital

So what machine does your Permanent Makeup Artist use?  Will this machine give better and longer lasting results?  


If your permanent makeup artist is not willing to invest in a digital permanent makeup machine to obtain the absolutely best results possible during your permanent makeup procedure, then why should you invest your hard earned money into them?  


Permanent makeup or permanent cosmetic is the revolutionary method of depositing mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. It is a very precise process and procedure and in most cases irreversible; therefore, it is very important that permanent cosmetics are applied with the best equipment on the market.  


Many Permanent Makeup Technicians use rotary tattoo guns that cost about $250.  Furthermore, it is very difficult to do precision work with a rotary tattoo gun because the rotary needle moves from side to side, compared to the digital needle which goes up and down with precision and 3 or more times the speed. With that said, I own two of the best digital permanent makeup machines that money can buy.


Both of my permanent makeup tattoo guns are German made and have undergone the most rigid testing  in order to guarantee not only the best quality, but also the highest  safety standards in the industry. These machines are certified according to ISO 9007 and EN13485 (European Medical Standards).


Both guns have  Internal diaphragms halt and prevent fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the hand piece, completely independent of the disposable cartridge and void of any possibility of cross-contamination; also when the cartridge is detached from the hand piece the needle automatically retracts back into the cartridge, preventing an accidental "pricks" to the technician or client.  


The first of my two permanent makeup digital guns, is the amazing Purebeau TRS 250 Digital tattoo machine. This digital tattoo machine costs $3600 and is worth every penny.  Purbeau is a German company whose products are renowned across Europe and USA; renowned for their world leading quality, safety and precision products. The TRS 250’s combination of technology, workmanship and design meets the highest expectations of the most demanding clients. Its design is fascinatingly clear, non superfluous and its precision controls are housed within its fully aluminum body. Working with the TRS 250 is an absolute pleasure.


My second digital machine is the Noveau Contour 1000. It is a digital computerized "State of the Art" tattoo machine. The purchase price of this machine is $3000, also money well spent. The Noveau Contour machine has 16 different Needle Formations to use when custom designing for each individual.  This is especially important when dealing with a client that has tough, thick, and /or oily skin. Sometimes larger needle groupings or less flexible needles are needed to penetrate the client’s skin without overworking the tissue.  In comparison, Rotary tattoo guns have maybe 5 needle choices available to the technician.  


What machine does your Permanent Makeup Artist use?  Will this machine give better and longer lasting results?  



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