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Permanent Makeup Tattooed Hairstroke  Eyebrows-3D



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Permanent Makeup Hairstroke Eyebrows can change the way you look because Eyebrows are the primary architecture of the face.  The shape of your Eyebrows can enhance your appearance by flattering your facial shape, balancing your features and framing your eyes.

In all  honesty, there is nothing simple about trying to design and create the best eyebrow for

your facial features.  It's true when you look at women in the magazines, they all have these

amazing thick, beautifully arched eyebrows, as you can see in the picture to the right.  



Eyebrows play a dominant role in establishing facial expression.  

They can show when you are angry, depressed, or surprised. With highly arched brows you can have the, "Startled or Surprised," expression like Lucille Ball or the "Clown look," with McDonald's half moon arches. If the brow flares up at the end it can make look like your devious or an "Alien," like Spock on Star Trek.  If the tail ends too low you can have a sad and tired look.


The ultimate guide to styling, shaping and maintaining your Eyebrows is an "Art,"

There are books on the subject, tutorials videos, how-to guides, and never ending web articles of all the different ways to shape and fill your eyebrows. There is no doubt about it...eyebrows can change your appearance for better or worse.


There are several types of tools to choose from when shaping the Eyebrow.

There is brow powder, brow liner, brow pencils, brow applicators, brow stencils, brow brushes, brow combs, and brow measurement instruments. I just wish there was a "Brow Man" where he could come fix my brows every morning...Okay just kidding about that but you get my point. There is nothing simple about the brow but an Eyebrow tattoo can save time and frustration.



The goal is to get the basics right and make the Brows look natural.

Using the Permanent Makeup Eyebrow brushstroke technique for the Eyebrows can produce

that natural look. Layering with multiple colors, and color drawing hairstrokes with 2 to 3 different

shades and feathery edges can produce natural looking brows. It should not be outlined,

then filled in, which produces that "Coloring Book" look. When tattooing Eyebrows technique is

important to achieve that "natural" look.



One measurement often overlooked when designing the Eyebrow, is the space above the eye.

You can have a beautifully shaped brows, but if there is too much space between the eye and the bottom of the brow, your expression can look cold and uninviting. Placement above the eye requires as much planning as the shape of the brow.



There are five basic Eyebrow shapes to consider before tattooing the Eyebrow.

Click to Enlarge the "Face Shapes" chart to observe the differences in Eyebrow solutions to each face shape.




1) Curved


2) Angled


3) Soft Angled


4) Round


5) Flat





Determining what decisions to make for your "Ideal tattooed Eyebrow" should include the following:


Determining placement above the eye

Determine where your brow should start

Determine where your arch should peak

Determine where your brow should end


Shape of your brow bone

Shape of your eyes

Shape of existing eyebrow hair


Color of the brow

Shape of your face





During our Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Consultation we can discuss if you need a partial tattooed Eyebrow enhancement or maybe a complete re-design of your Eyebrow.







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