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Lasting Beauty

Permanent Makeup Tattooed  Eyeliner



Canthus Chart

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner can enhance and change the Eye shape and Eye size by creating an optical illusion using lines and/or color.  

The pinpoint accuracy of small tattoo needles allow precision not possible with eyeliner pencils…and it stays in place. There is no smudging, smearing or reapplying eyeliner on a daily basis.  Tattooed Eyeliner can look dramatic or subtle.


There are many Permanent Makeup Eyeliner styles to choose from.  

The colors can be soft, bold, or bright. The tattooed eyeliner edges can be smudged, defined or softened. The line can be thin, medium or thick. The tail can extend pass the eye or taper off at the end of the eye. You can use one color, or multicolors.  The upper eyelid color can be different than the bottom eyelid color. There are more choices than you can shake an eyeliner stick at.


If Permanent Makeup Eyeliner is to be designed around the eye to enhance the eye shape, the first thing

you have to ask, "What is considered to be the ideal shape?"

The 4 basic eye shapes are, "too slightly uplifted, slightly uplifted, downturned, and straight." In todays, "Standard of Beauty," the  "Ideal Shape," is Eye 2 on the Canthus Chart. Study the Chart below and observe the differences in eye angles.  



Eye 1

The eye that is too slightly uplifted (See Eye 1 on Chart on Right), is sometimes

deferred to as a "Cat " eye. It is important that try to lower the angle. This eye

can give a slightly strange look.


Eye 2 - This is the most desirable shape. 

The most desired eye angle is the slightly uplifted outer corner

(See Eye 2). Women with this type of slant can apply makeup in

almost every style. This shape is youthful and gives an open expression.


Eye 3

The downturned eye angle (See Eye 3), is usually genetic, or is a result of aging.

The goal here is to help lift the eye with an illusion. Usually, a straight angle

look is the best that can be achieved with makeup for the down turned eye.


Eye 4

Last, is the straight across eye (Eye in Circle). Makeup should be applied in a way that does not drag the eye down into a negative-looking tilt. The makeup goal is to lift the eye a little into a upward slant, or a upward contour.



What are the Do Not's of Permanent Makeup Eyeliner?

Thickness, length and color are client preferences, but a natural look will stand the test of time. These styles of eyeliner below in the thumbnail pictures will ultimately lead to regret and then removal. Click the images below to Enlarge.



Do not start eye eyeliner inside the corners of the eye.  

The top eyeliner starts by the first lash/ punctum/ tear duct, not all the

way into the inner corner by the nose. What you do not want is to

connect the eye liner in the corners of your eye (See picture on Right).

Tattooing inside the the corners of the eye has increased pigment migration

and smearing


Do not connect the upper and lower eyeliner at the outside corners of the eye. 

The lines will be close but still need to be separate. The tissue in the inner and

outer corners of the eye has a higher risk of migration and smearing. Connecting

the lines closes the eye. As you age, facial gravity will bring down the corner but

will have a more natural look. I can show you during a consultation the difference

between both looks, and you will see the difference, or you can just look at the

picture on the far right and it explains everything.


Do not create long single tails or double tails on the outside corner of the eye. 

Do not go crazy with tails. This is a fashion trend and can quickly become unfashionable. But

more importantly, when the face ages, gravity will bring that tail downward. Remember you want

an "slightly uplifted eye, not a downturned eye. A tail that extends the upper eyeliner just slightly

is fine, and adds a bit of drama. It can also help open the eye. Try to keep things in moderation

and you will have no regrets.


Do not over power the eye with overly thick eyeliner. 

This style of eyeliner is too heavy to be permanent and it closes the eye. This Egyption

fashion trend of the past was considered beautiful in the days of Cleopatra. Perhaps her

exotic eyes helped win the hearts of her lovers, Antony Marc, and Julius Caesar. I might

be wrong, but I am willing to bet this eyeliner style will not be as lucky for you. Last, your

idea of thick may not be the same as mine, so I created a, "Standard Measurement

Chart" of line thickness. We will refer to this chart when designing your tattooed eyeliner so there

will be no surprises.



At our Permanent Makeup Tattooed Eyeliner Consultation the following should be considered:

The length of the liner

Color(s) of the eyeliner

The thickness of the eyeliner lines

The shape of the Eye

The eyeliner edge, defined, smoky,smoothed, smudged, or faded off.





See Gallery for more Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Pictures



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