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Lasting Beauty



Permanent Makeup Tattooed Lip Color and/or Lipliner


Cupid's Bow

     Anatomy of Lips

Cupids Bow Redesigned

Shape Redefined!

If your lips are lacking balance, color or volume, a great solution is to tattoo the lips with Permanent Makeup Color.  The Anatomy of the Lips are truly an integral part of overall facial beauty.

It enhances the beauty of the lips by not only enhancing the lip color, but by defining the shape. You can also use Permanent Makeup color to sculpt the lips into giving them more fullness.


Permanent Makeup on the Lips is the Icing on the Cake.  

Permanent Makeup Lip Color or Permanent Makeup Lipliner can create or contour the lips toward a more youthful, pouty, or sensual look and you do not have to worry about lipstick or lipliner smearing off. Yet you still have the option to use Lipstick products if you want a more dramatic temporary color for a special night out. Tattooed lips can be subtle or dramatic.


The famous part of the Lip is the "Cupids Bow."  

The double curve of the the human upper lip is said to resemble the Bow of Cupid, The Roman God of Erotic Love (See Below). Some lips are absent this feature and may look awkward. Injectable fillers for lip augmentation sometimes changes the shape of the "Cupids Bow,"  and a pretty pout can quickly change into a duck bill if the filler is not distributed correctly.  









The Lip's Cupid Bow sets the stage for the overall look.  

Volcano peaks and Roller coaster peaks are not desirable when defining the "Cupids Bow." These shapes are not complementary and can give the lips an odd look to them.  Also, if the Cupid's Bow is too wide, it can give you that sneer look.


The "V" in the Cupid's Bow must be properly  outlined and designed for the shape of the face, nose and lips.  

A wide nose should have a wider spanned cupid's bow. Less space between the lips and nose should take into consideration how high the peaks rise on the the Cupid's Bow. The following should be taken into consideration when sculpting the lips and enahancing the Cupid's Bow with Permanent Makeup Lip Color.





Depth-between the peaks

Width-between the peaks

Sharpness or Smoothness-bottom of the "V"

Sharpness or Smoothness-top of the "V"


Width of the Nose

Facial Shape

Sharpness of the Chin




During our Permanent Makeup Lip Color or Lipliner Consultation, we can discuss what colors and how best to contour your Cupid'




Can you see all the different shapes of the "Cupid's Bow?" Do you like contrasting Permanent Makeup lip liner, defined but not lined, or a softened edge? Or do you like the full tattooed lip color with no line?






















See Gallery for more Permanent Makeup tattooed Lips



Below are some examples of how permanent makeup can completely redesign the shape of the lips. If done properly it can look natural and amazing. Even a slight tweaking of the "Cupids Bow" can bring out the lips natural beauty. Many people, as they grow older, lose pigment color in their lips and sometimes just a bit of color can redefine the lips.










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