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Lasting Beauty

Permanent Makeup Pigments



There are 2 groups of Permanent Makeup "Types" of pigments.


Iron Oxide

Non Iron Oxide



I do use Iron Oxide Pigments and Non Iron Oxide (Organic pigments).


Iron Oxide  Permanent Makeup Pigments can cause undesirable permanent makeup colors 

Pink eyebrows, red eyebrows, gray eyebrows, black eyebrows or eyeliner that turned blue, lip color that looks maroon, purplish lips, bluish lips, grayish lips, and black lips have a higher chance of occuring with Low Quality Iron Oxide Pigments. In addition, the technician should understand Color Theory to prevernt this from happening with High Quality Iron Oxide.


Iron Oxide can limit options.

Permanent Makeup needs to be redesigned if it was a bad shape to begin with, had improper placement, or had other errors/ mistakes. Colors can always be changed/ adjusted/ corrected, but when an eyebrow or eyeliner line needs to be in a different spot, the Iron Oxide pink trace can limit options.


Non-Iron Oxide Permanent Makeup Pigments fade off without any traces as though they were never there in the first place, which is important when permanent makeup needs to be redesigned.  

The worse thing that happens with Non-iron oxide pigments  is that warm brow colors turn ashy over the years as it is fading off, but with a touch up this is easily corrected. Lips fade off without much change other than becoming a lighter version of the original. With the eyes, as the years go by the black eyeliner can have a tinge of blue under certain lighting as it is fading off, but with a color touch up you can just restore the color.


Reputable manufactures of Non -Iron oxide and Reputable Manufactures of Iron Oxide Permanent Makeup Pigments both have been proven to be safe, long lasting and fade resistant. 

Millions of individuals implanted with non-iron oxide pigments and iron oxide and both have safely undergone magnetic resonance imaging and CAT scan without burns or false images.


It is important that your technician use a reputable, safe, predictable, and true to color pigment manufactures.









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