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Lasting Beauty



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Eyeliner Contours


All Eyeliners include a 2nd free session if a "Full" is purchased.


Eyeliner - Full - $400 (discounted if both done at the same time) (Upper and Lower) (Thick add $25) 

Eyeliner  - $250 (Upper)    $250 (Lower)



Eyeliner Lash Enhancement - Full - $350 (discounted if both done at the same time) (Upper and Lower) 

Eyeliner Lash Enhancement  - $200 (Upper)    $200 (Lower)



Eyeliner & Eyeliner Lash Enhancement Both! - Full -$450  

This is the best deal!  



Designer Eyeliner - $50+

This includes a designer tail that extends beyond the outter Eye. Price to be determined on choice of tail.



Mucosa - $200 ($100 if done with any above procedure)

Mucosal is the membrane tissue located above the lower eyelashes.



Full Eyeliner take 2.5 to 3 hours




Eyebrow Contours


All Eyebrows include 2 sessions!


Eyebrows - 3D hairstroke brows  -  $500 (full)     NO Eyebrow hair or very sparse, please add $100 



Eyebrows - Powdered Brow Effect - $450 (full)   NO Eyebrows hair, please add $50    



Eyebrows-3D hairstroke and Powdered Brow - $550 (full)  $500 (partial)  

This looks the best when there is no eyebrow hair or it is very sparse and you want a thick brow.


The 2nd session is free only if you complete the 2nd session within a 90 day period.

Session 1 is 4 hours.  Session 2 is 2.5 hours.  





LIp Contours  


All Lips include 1 session!



Lipliner - $250 (Defined) Applied in a different, similar, or same but concentrated color than the rest of the lip color ( See Example in Lips). 


Partial Lips - $250 (Defined but blended)  - Defined but not lined is the average, classic look. The edges are softened somewhat, but the shape remains distinct. The softened edge is the best choice to not draw attention to lips that are imperfect in shape, size, or smoothness around the mouth (See Example in Lips). 



Full Lips - $300

(With or without liner) Full lip color may be with or without a lipliner look. Single or Multicolor colors used. (See Example in Lips).


If you require a 2nd session the charge will be $150 within a 90 day period.

Lips that are being increased in size on the skin will more than likely need a 2nd session.






Color Boost:  Later when your makeup fades and you might need additional strokes or layering, you will need a Color Boost. Change of color is not a Color Boost! Lifestyle, skin and color selection all are factors on determining on how long the ink keeps its color.  Most ink, except for hairstrokes,  can last 3 to 5 years (some as long as 10 years) but some might have to come sooner.   

Hairstrokes will fade faster than a powder brow. Light brows fade faster than dark brows.  Natural lip colors or light lip colors will fade faster than darker colors.


Touch Ups: All procedures need a 6-8 week touch up.  Color is lost in the healing process. There is no charge, but you must come back within 3 months to get the "No Charge" Status. Touch Ups are not color changes. 


Set Up Fees: If there is excessive bleeding, or difficult implantation after 2 attempts to perfect the procedure, then there may be a $75 minimum fee charged to cover my expenses for numbing, pigments and needles. 



CORRECTIONS- $100+  Price will be given after a thorough Consultation. 




Payment Methods Accepted-Cash

Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard).

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