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Permanent Makeup Tattoo  Removal Techniques

There are Permanent Makeup Tattoo removal options available, but they may or may not completely remove the pigment ink.

Most removal options will require more than one treatment.  Depending on the size, location and quality of the ink, some methods are more successful than others. There are different types of Gycolic acid that can dramatically lighten certain permanent makeup inks and help correct mistakes. There are certain steps that should be followed and should only be done by an experience technician.


Lasers are successful on removing tattoo ink, and Permanent Makeup pigment.  

The Q-Switched Ruby, Alexandrite and the ND Yag, as well as many others are able to succesfully removed ink without damaging the surrounding tissue.  On the downside, it can be expensive.


Dermabrasion may help lighten the pigment.

It may, however, take multiple treatments. This is a system of small crystals that are sucked across the surface of the skin cells.

It has been shown to be particular effective when used in conjunction with chemical peels such as TCA, or Glycolic. Typically the more powerful machines are made available to dermatologists and physicians.  


Chemical peels or Chemical exfoliation may lighten or removal Permanent Makeup Pigment.

Glycolic, TCA or AHA acids and others can be utilized for removal or lightening applications. Retin A and other lightner creams can help too.


Salabrasion is a salt solution used to remove the pigment and be also used in conjuction with Dermabrasion.

Salabrasion uses smiple ingredients--plain table salt, tap water and an abrasive device such as a wooden block wrapped in gauze.


Camouflaging a tattoo can be done by adding skin tone Permanent Makeup Pigments to cover the original design.

One technique often used is that you can inject new pigments to form a new pattern. This is not recommended except for a very few rare exceptions.


Saline Injections using the Digital Permanent Makeup Machine.

This is the easiest solution to try to achieve a removal with very little risk of scarring or hypo or hyper pigmenting.  Using the

tattoo gun to inject the removal solution into the skin.  Most can expect complete removal of the permanent makeup ink, however it can take several sessions.  It just depends on the depth, type, brand, and color of ink.  








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