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Permanent Makeup Lips

3D Hair Stroke Technique & Powder

Mucosa Eyeliner on bottom

The pictures above were right after the procedure.  Her lips are bruised and slightly swollen and dark after the procedure.    When building lips out on the skin, it usually requires 2 to 3 sessions.  It is always best to choose a natural lip color when enlarging lips with Permanent Makeup.





If anything ever goes wrong in Permanent Makeup it will be the Lips.  There is only 1 right way to build out lips and Not all Lips can be made bigger. Do not let an

inexperience technician

increase the size of your

lips,  This is considered

to be more specialized work.





Look at the difference between Cosmetic Eyeliner and Permanent Eyeliner.  Adding a Powder brow made her look more youthful. I posted her side view to the right. I also did her lips which are posted below.

On the left client is wearing lipstick to enlarge her lip.

On the right the client has had 1 session.  This is 6 weeks healed.

She will need another session. I actually built out the lip quite a bit.  

This is one of those times that I wish I had take a before picture....

Before Front View

Before Side View

1st Session Healed

Pics of Lips that have

been built out.

Lips that are built out almost always require 2 sessions and sometimes more depending on their skin and chosen color. I love love love to do lips so I price the follow up sessions extremely reasonable.

She will need another session


Healed-final result

1 session


When enlarging a lip on skin,

a 2nd session is needed to bring

the saturation level to look smooth

and filled.


This is the 1st session.  


It's up to the client if

she would like a 2nd session to

better fill out the lip color



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